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'70 - '80

History & Milestones 1970 - 1980


The company is founded, as a sole trader, by the current Chairman Lucio Calzavara.

1973 -1975

Supply and installation of radar supporting infrastructures at the airports of Milan-Linate and Rome-Fiumicino.


calzavara is one of the first companies to work for SIP in the installation of the first mobile radio systems at 160 MHz. (RTMI)


Founding year of the company Master, a joint-stock company with the participation of the Fiat Group.  The company Master, among other things, operates in the supply and installation of numerous microwave radio link networks in various African and Middle-Eastern countries.


Supplies and installs for SIP (Italian national telephone company – now Telecom Italia) the Tolmezzo – Tarvisio radio link, with the interposition of a double reflection through passive repeaters from 67 to 130 sq.m.


The first factory building was erected at the current headquarters of Basiliano. 


Founding year of the company Calzavara S.p.A. with the incorporation of the sole trader company and of Master S.p.A.


Design of the first calzavara passive repeater.

1979 - to date

First successful radio link (Udine – Manzano) with a calzavara passive repeater of 36 sq. m. that is still operative today.  From this date there have been supplied and installed in Italy and overseas over 550 microwave radio links (frequencies of 2.5 to 21 Ghz) with calzavara passive repeaters.

1979 - 1984

calzavara constantly grows and puts into operation, for the former company SIP, numerous radio links with its own passive repeaters and single channel connections in remote areas having low density subscribers, besides the experimental connection of 12 islands in the lagoon of Grado (Udine-Italy).  The company expands its line of business and customers in Italy and overseas.