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Being close to our clients - Approaching new markets

Calzavara is expanding to LATAM

Above: Santiago landscape. Below: Mr. Enrico Carraretto and Mr. Massimo Calzavara in Santiago, Chile.

Calzavara is expanding to LATAM

Santiago, Chile - June 30th 2015 - We are excited to let you know that we have undergoing new expansion projects.

The intimacy and closeness to our customers is the driver to a successful competition within this market. In order to better serve out customers in the vibrant LATAM market, we are adding Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia to our list of locations.

Since 1966, Calzavara's philosophy has been to provide great answers, creating insights that have impact and can be trusted. And, that is not just because of our advanced methodological expertise. It is our belief that by being close to our clients we can better understand their business challenges and work together to provide them with innovative solutions.

Opening our Chile branch allows us to control the value chain inside the LATAM market, which is nowadays trespassing its boundaries and developing more and more from an economic and social point of view.

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