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Design our future products and our products of the future!

Multifunctional Urban Structure Design

September 2nd, 2015 Design our future products and our products of the future!

calzavara invites the designers to a contest of product design looking for the future design of its structures. This new design will be the future product and the product of the future: a new concept of urban structure, combining street furniture with ambient intelligence and new telecom network design.

Designers are invited to design a multifunctional urban structure, devoted to hosting network antennas. Antennas can either be concealed inside the structure or be visible elements of the structure design. See the Material files for some examples of multifunctional structures.

The new structure will have an innovative design, suitable to be installed inside urban areas, city centres, city squares. It could be part of street furniture, such as an improved street lamp, or a solo decoration element or an urban sculpture installed inside a city square or a decoration structure standing out from a roundabout. There isn't any indication about specific geographic areas in which these structures will be installed, so designers should feel free to choose their own style.

In addition to hosting the network antennas on the top part, the structures should also provide some smart functionalities: they might embed info panels, displays with traffic information, parking availability or other type of information. Think also of the emerging needs of the urban people and think of innovative services and functions for these structures. While choosing which functional elements or devices to employ (for example watches, displays, etc.), consider items already available on the market.

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