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ZTE Partner Meeting

Calzavara ZTE

Jan 18th, Milan - ZTE Partner Meeting

From the merging of Wind and Tre mobile network operators, one of the largest Italian MNO was born and its support technology network will be deployed by the Chinese company ZTE. This is a very complex operation, which will take about 3 years to complete: 40% of the 25,000 total sites should be decommissioned, while the 4G modernization activities (waiting for 5G) will involve another 10,000 stations. At the end of the swap, the entire network will run by ZTE base stations, making Wind-Tre Company not only the largest Italian MNO, but also the only one to rely on a single supplier.

Calzavara SpA is actively involved in these operations since it is a partner of ZTE and it is contributing with its own professional resources and its organizational structure to cope with such a large order and rapid implementation time required.

This Thursday, January 18th, in Milan, Calzavara SpA also received the compliments of ZTE for the results obtained, receiving the officially recognition of "best partner" for the operations in the North West.

ZTE is a unique opportunity, as it will continue to invest and develop its network for the creation of the "Golden Network", which will bring 5G in Italy and will allow the operator to provide innovative services to consumer and business customers.

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