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Research & Development

Research & Development

In calzavara Research & Development activities play a key role thanks to the employment of qualified staff and advanced instrumentation to make innovation an instrument of development, always offering the market customized solutions and of the latest generation.

The R&D department is on the whole engaged in 6 technological sectors:

  • Renewable energies ( SIMEA - GreeNet - HEIDI)

Today, renewable energies are a factor of vital competitivity for telecommunications. calzavara is present in various projects with the scope of introducing green technologies that increase energy efficiency in the TLC world. The most important being:

- Simea Project (Sistema Integrato Modulare ad Energie Alternative): the development of technologies to power isolated radio base stations by renewable energy sources (Raw Land not grid connected).

- GreeNetProject: introduction of renewable energies in grid-connected radio base stations (Raw Land grid connected)

- Heidi Project (Hybrid Energy Innovative Design Infrastructure): new design hybrid telecommunications infrastructures powered by renewable energies.

  • Camouflaged structures (Rawmask, Cat, Chimroof, Roofmask)

Involves the entire range of products (Pine, Palm and Cypress trees and camouflaging for raw land and rooftop) with the constant development of new components in composite materials and the production cycle engineering to reduce production costs.

  • Design Structures

The main activity is centered on the development of new products for urban furniture, with the scope of offering low environmental impact structures that guarantee maximum functionality.

  • Wireless networks

The activities are directed to the constant analysis to what the market offers worldwide (equipment and systems testing and the definition of new procedures for configuration and installation).

  • RF Measuring

The highly qualified skills, acquired over the many years by clampco sistemi in this sector, is concentrated in a systematic design and engineering activity of RF antennas for specific customized use finalized to be employed in the most disparate uses.

  • SOV

The R&S activities are aimed at new production technologies (such as PowerLed with hyperbolic mirror) and for low and medium intensity systems.