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Calzavara products cover telecommunication field, oil and gas field, renewable energy field.


Telecommunication products

calzavara is present on the telecommunications market as a system integrator offering a wide range of traditional and innovative products, with particular regard to the new wireless technologies, radio links, to fixed and mobile radio networks, private mobile radio networks (PMR) and to radio-television broadcasting. >>>

Products for the Oil & Gas sector

calzavara offers a wide range of telecommunications poles and towers for the oil and gas sectors; the various types of structures and different technical solutions offered are the result of an experience of over thirty years that can greatly satisfy any type of technical need. calzavara also operates in the design and production of a wide range of aircraft warning light systems with the Clampco Sistemi brand name. Many are the innovative solutions offered such as products developed to signal the high voltage power lines. >>>

Products for the renewable energy sector

calzavara can offer in the Renewable Energies sector personalized and diversified solutions: infrastructures for applications in PVs, wind energy, aircraft warning light systems and housing. >>>