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Totemtower is a concealment that can be integrated to different standards of telecommunication towers. The possibility of housing practically an unlimited number of external claddings, makes the Totemtower extremely versatile:  from an advertising billboard to a true and proper virtual architectural work.

Rawmask Concealment raw land structures

Totemtower Concealing tower

This product is based on a design similar to that of a traditional antenna tower but, because it can be fitted with countless types of external cladding, Totemtower can become an advertising sign, a medieval tower or other types of architectural structures.

The structure consists of a square or triangular section tower designed to be entirely clad with panels made of a radio-electrically transparent material. Inside the structure, there is a caged climbing ladder which is accessible from the base of the tower through an access door. These structures are available in heights of 24 to 42 m, and can be supplied with any type of reproduced image and external colouring, either uniform or shaded.
Alternatively, customers may send images they intend to reproduce, on high resolution digital photo media. calzavara will send one or more graphic simulations of the outer cladding.

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