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Multipole is a floodlight and multifunction pole that can be used either as an antenna supporting structure, or as an advertising billboard, and also for urban lighting.

Rawmask Concealment raw land structures

Multipole Floodlight pole

With MULTIPOLE, calzavara is presenting a multifunction product, performing the functions not only of traditional antenna support structures, but also of billboard and lighting pole. The versatility of MULTIPOLE, combined with a careful design focused on cost optimization, allows it to blend almost naturally with the architectural surroundings.

The supporting structure is composed of polygonal tapered cone shafts. The camouflage at the top consists of three semi-circular frames to support radomes manufactured with radio-electrically transparent material. The radomes, whose colour can be chosen from the set described below, hides the antennas and the floodlight set. A working platform is provided inside the camouflaged top structure, to allow maintenance of the radiant systems and illumination.

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