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Light structures for small cells

The implementation of nets provided with micro cells and pico cells represents the infrastructural reply to the growing demand for connectivity – anytime, anywhere – characterising both urban environment and densely populated areas as well, nowadays and, particularly, tomorrow. The experience calzavara developed with TELESTYLE evolves naturally in a brand new structures family: minimicro cells.

Lightweight, eye-catching, balanced design, heights between 10 and 15 meters, systems and antennas embedded within the infrastructure itself, and the wide possibility of hosting public lighting, street furniture, several systems dedicated to verification, information, communication, support to the community such as smart solutions (multimedia and advertising) are only some of the peculiar characteristics of minimicro – all of this leaving untouched the respect for the environment and prioritizing the green solutions.

Functionality of illumination
for street, parks or squares.

Street furniture
Urban design capabilities through the
integration of benches, bike parking, ecc.

Multimedia & advertising
Functionality for smart cities: variable message
signs, info points and advertising but also spread
wifi, smartphones charging.

Environmental friendly
Green capabilities: power with photovoltaic
standard panels Fuel cells backup technology
and passive cooling systems.

dicecell treecell slugcell gemcell conocell twistcell beaconcell


Design by Arch. Maryam Kiani on Desall.com

dicecell is a modular structure, composed by ‘specialised’ units. The endless configurations, granted by combining the single units (lighting, information and advertising messages, etc.) make it perfectly adaptable to anykind of urban territory.

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Design by Arch. Gianpaolo Mastronardi on Desall.com

treecell is an element of street furniture perfect to host antennas and lighting fixtures, suitable for streets, park, squares and other areas.

treecell is an element of street furniture based on a minimalist design, with a “tree trunk” and “structural branches” which are perfect to host, respectively, antennas and lighting fixtures.

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Design by Arch. Lorenzo Capanna on Desall.com

slugcell is a design bench with street lighting and micro cell support, suitable for city parks and squares.

The originality in slugcell is evident in its base, consisting in a “systems holding bench” and in the top structure which – besides hosting the antennas – features lighting and advertising capabilities, making slugcell perfect for urban areas, squares and parks.

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Design by Arch. Benjamin Koren on Desall.com

multifunctional structure able to accommodate benches, bicycle parking, info point, street lighting, photovoltaic power, wifi signal distributor, etc.

gemcell‘s modular elements can be perfectly integrated with the structure design, enriching it with pluses such as street lighting, information and/or advertising panels and photo-voltaic power supply.

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Design by Arch. klau/hugo on Desall.com

conocell is a cylindrical telecommunications structure for micro cell, suitable for lighting squares, parks and streets

conocell is based on a cylindrical, load-bearing structure: the biconical shape is interspersed by a transparent area suitable for lighting fixtures hosting.

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Design by Arch. Filippo Nalin on Desall.com

twistcell is a telecommunication structure with technological elements for lighting and broadcasting.

twistcell is a structure which is characterised by a spiral design integrating technological elements, at the base, and elements for lighting and broadcasting, at the top.

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Design by Lubos Patak on Desall.com

beaconcell is a telecommunication totem that integrate small cell technology with urban furniture features such as street lighting, advertising, informative messaging.

beaconcell is based on a concept that reviews, in technologic terms, the idea of totem, offering wide areas which allow to host and integrate different functionalities such as lighting, information and advertising.

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