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Design by Arch. Benjamin Koren on Desall.com

multifunctional modular structure for micro cells

gemcell's modular elements can be perfectly integrated with the structure design, enriching it with pluses such as street lighting, information and/or advertising panels and photo-voltaic power supply.

multifunctional modular structure for micro cells
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Key features

gemcell represents the infrastructural reply to the growing demand for connectivity – anytime, anywhere – characterising both urban environment and densely populated areas as well, nowadays and, particularly, tomorrow.

Modular design guarantees warehouse strategies, scalability, easy installation and rapid deployment times according to our Clients needs worldwide.

Each aspect of gemcell starting from the structure height, to the design standards, to the choice of the number and the position of the modules, to the definition of finishes of each single detail are tailored on Clients’ needs.

Multiple concealed add-ins can be sought as add–ins to gemcell. Few examples include: video surveillance cameras, street lighting, benches, bike stands, smartphone chargers, environmental and weather sensors, green energy modules, LCD screens, etc. All of them are integrated and concealed into the structure.

gemcell is designed to be perfectly integrated with light modules, offering LED illumination and therefore allowing infinite and coloured light games possibilities.

We customize gemcell by installing different features related to street furniture, such as benches, seats, waste receptacles, fountains, city clock, bike stands, smartphone chargers, etc.

gemcell may support high impact video displays, playing commercials and advertisements, both on photo or video solutions, including special rear projection films for slide advertising or traditional panels. Various graphic themes allow the structure to match to the landscape around, answering any Customer demands.

gemcell may incorporate renewable energy modules (PV), fuel cells backup technology and passive cooling systems to optimize energy consumption through green technologies.