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Radioflect Microwave passive repeaters

This range of calzavara products forms part of an interesting technical solution to supply and install microwave radio links, in areas where line of sight between radio link terminals is annulled or drastically reduced by interposing obstacles (mountains, buildings, trees, etc.). The repeaters are "passive" because, due to their functioning, they don't require a source of electrical energy.
The calzavara passive repeaters have been designed with the scope of guaranteeing advantages in terms of installation and maintenance, such as:

  • A wide range of models in conformity to each type of request
  • Simplified installation thanks to the use of reflecting panels having a reduced weight and size
  • Wide operative capability (band frequency from 2 to 23 GHz)
  • Independent azimuth and zenith adjustments
  • Greater orientation angles (to avoid alignment errors)

The reflecting surface is composed of panels that, between themselves, form the requested reflecting area with dimensions raging from 2 to 120 m2. The reflecting surface is extremely flat, in order to guarantee it's perfect functioning with band frequencies of up to 23 GHz. Upon request can be supplied surfaces suitable for even greater frequencies.
In over 25 years of presence on the market, over 540 radio links all over the world operate with calzavara passive repeaters. The know-how acquired allows calzavara to support its customers in all phases of application of the passive repeaters, starting from the free reliability analysis.


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