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Rapid deployment on semi-trailer transportable by heavy goods vehicles for loads of up to 9.500 kg.

Cell on Wheels

MTOT Trailer radio station

The mobile stations with telescopic mast are portable structures, towed by heavy goods vehicles for loads of up to 12000 kg. These mobile radio base stations guarantee full operation in three hours and in restricted spaces. Their use is strategic for the rapid extension of cellular networks, putting into service point to point radio connections, as well as supporting the increased traffic volume in case of extraordinary events (trade fairs, sporting events and concerts, emergencies, catastrophic events, etc.). The mobile supporting structure corresponds to a special two-axle trailer with retreating stabilizers approved for road traffic. The front axle is a turn table steering axle with fifth wheel.

The trailer, on which it is possible to install a shelter (length up to 3 m) for housing technological equipment, is equipped with:

  • compressed air brakes system with ABS
  • parking brake on the second axle. As a rule the parking brake is designed as a screw hand brake
  • independent rubber suspensions with torsion bar
  • steel chassis with steel checkered plate flooring
  • drawbar eye with an inner bush Ø 45 mm
  • lighting equipment with rear lights conforming to the latest EEC directives

The antenna supporting pole, with a standard height of up to 30 m, is made of steel and comprises of three telescopic tubular elements. Installation is easy, fast and is carried out with manual or electric winches. The unit is designed to have a generating set (optional) up to 20 KVA.

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