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Self-supporting radio antenna towers for telecommunications and broadcasting, standard microware antennas, wireless internet, cellular radio antenna platforms, mobile and GSM radio towers.


Teletowers Self-supporting towers

Self-supporting towers are used for radio base stations, radio and  broadcasting plants. The various types of structures and different types of technical solutions offered derive from an experience of over 30 years that can greatly satisfy all types of technical and environmental requirements.
calzavara is able to design, produce and commission any type of structure, from 10 to 150 meters in height, and over.

The supporting structure normally has a square section made of open (L or C-shaped) steel profiles, or triangular with cylindrical legs.  The base segment is connected to the foundation anchor bolts cast into the foundations.  The various segments formed by the legs and section breakers are composed of bolted joints or single segments partially or wholly welded.  The climbing ladder can be equipped with:

  • with "T" rail safety climb system (art. URST);
  • caged, with intermediate rest platforms (art. CRST).

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