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Smart city

Smart technology systems for telecommunication towers

Cities all around the world work with developers and contractors to make city living better, whether it's improving the timing of traffic lights or creating a useful app, which becomes more powerful as smartphone penetration continues to increase. Apps and well-implemented technology can help cash-strapped governments save money and, be more efficient. Since the telecommunication structures of calzavara are designed for smart cities, we put together a list of the technology that we can host on our strucutres.

  • info points;
  • wifi signal distribution;
  • traffic lights;
  • road condition signals and instructions;
  • weahter information;
  • smartphone chargers;
  • advertisment;
Urban furniture benches
electronic ticketing,
info box, etc.


street lighting
traffic lights,
road signs, etc.


parks and squares lighting
street lighting,
wi-fi connetions, etc.


Info panel
e-bike battery charger,
interactive guides, etc.


micro cell tower
weather forecast,
battery charger, etc.