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Flood-lights pole with camouflaging for telecommunication antennas, ideal for restyling existing radio base stations.

Rawmask Concealment raw land structures

Teleshroud Concealing pole

Teleshroud is the answer to requirements for a product that combines technology with attractive pricing and appearance. It also provides the opportunity to meet requirements for 'restyling' of existing radio base stations, where the antenna supporting structure is a pole. Teleshroud is also very versatile: it can easily be transformed from a simple architectural structure to an advertising sign and/or illumination pole.Teleshroud can be combined with calzavara poles or similar existing structures, replacing the antenna supporting masts.

The supporting structures consists of a steel pole with flange for connection to the structure below it. Teleshroud has been designed to fit easily on poles built by other manufacturers, even those already in operation.
Teleshroud was created as an architectural structure for concealing panel and dish antennas plus floodlights. It consists of triangular, circular or square section components made of radio-electrically transparent material. It is fixed to the metallic supporting structure in a way that takes into account the different heat expansion coefficients of materials in contact, so as to ensure secure, vibration-free attachment. Access to the inside for installation and maintenance is provided by doors attached to the shrouding so as to allow easy access.Teleshroud can be fitted with advertising signs and/or logos and a virtually unlimited choice of colourings is available to meet any requirement. If required, illumination is provided by means of floodlights, supported on a ring bracket.

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