5G is ready to go

5G is ready to go

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In some place, 5G is ready to go. Take a look at the picture: our latest Dicecell, installed in China (Ningbo, Zhejiang province).

The rise of 5G coincides with the explosion of connected devices and systems associated with the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart heating systems, wearables and vehicles all bring with them large amounts of data. In addition to more processing power, 5G promises speeds 10 times faster than those of 4G. Processing these high volumes of data, at a faster speed, will require new antennas, new devices, and new applications for wireless data. No matter what the setup looks like, the influx of additional data – which will need to be processed in real-time – will drive the need for edge computing.

Edge computing will push applications, data and computing power away from centralized data centers to the logical extremes of a network, the antenna.

Dicecell is our “smart antenna” enabling edge computing and providing the TowerCo with the advantage of microservices architectures to allow some portion of applications to be moved to the edge of the network.