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Last updated: Tuesday December 11, 2018

Ethics code

Over the years, calzavara has gained a leadership thanks to its proven capacity, competence and independence as well as compliance with the principles of equity, respect, honesty and common sense. Those are the ethical bases of calzavara conduct and corporate standards. All the relations with the employees, customers, partners, collaborators, competitors, suppliers and colleagues are based on those values.

calzavara thinks that the construction of fair and lasting business relationships based on the constant and strict observation of the above stated ethical principles represents the driving force of a balanced and blooming development with positive consequences for its employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers.

Furthermore an internal regulation and disciplinary code has been elaborated by calzavara. This internal code, in compliance with the labor contract, contains the basic principles, dispositions and sanctions deriving from the violation of the dispositions.

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