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Last updated: Thursday March 26, 2020

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

calzavara operates on national and international markets offering professional solutions ranging from “turnkey” realizations to the supply of products and services.

calzavara operates in several sectors: telecommunications & broadcast (Business Unit “Telecommunications Infrastructures“), lighting (Business Unit “Lighting Engineering Solutions“, brands Clampco Sistemi and DID Plus), security (Business Unit “Security Engineering Solutions“, brand Beeup). The context is dynamic and diversified.

The company, from a risk-based thinking point of view, has set itself the aim of analysing the factors that can divert its processes and the Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety from the planned results. Moreover, the company has implemented the preventive controls to minimize the negative effects and maximize the opportunities.

calzavara considers the quality, the customer satisfaction, the improvement of its environmental and OHS performances, as the primary success factors in the implementation of its corporate mission.

To reach this goal, calzavara has decided to implement its Integrated Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 and a welding process management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2 and to apply them to the provided products and services, as well as to its activities, taking into consideration the following strategic objectives:

  1. operate in compliance with customer requirements and with the mandatory legislation and regulations, constantly pursuing the improvement and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and all company processes;
  2. encourage the professional growth of its employees
  3. diffuse the principles and the operating methods defined in the integrated management system by involving all the staff;
  4. training the personnel in order to enable them to identify, report, and minimize the risks and the possibility for accidents and occupational diseases to arise from business activities, by promoting at every level a widespread sense of attention to these aspects;
  5. training the personnel by promoting at every level a widespread sense of responsibility towards the environment. This, in order to enable all the staff to identify and reduce the impacts on the environment coming from business activities as well as preventing the pollution derived from these activities;
  6. as far as possible, to pursue the reduction of the amount of production waste, general waste generation and energy consumption, both on current activities and on new products and processes;
  7. as far as possible, commit the Company’s suppliers so that the activities entrusted to them are carried out with good quality levels and in full compliance with environmental and health and safety regulations;
  8. while engineering, purchasing, installing and starting up new production facilities and/or systems, comply with the prevention standards set out in the laws in force, as well as the most up-to-date technical standards (ISO, EN, CEI, UNI, etc.) and product directives;
  9. carry out a prior assessment of all risks to man and/or the environment, resulting from the introduction of new work activities, technologies, special equipment, production processes and chemical products;
  10. plan and put into effect any change or new activity by keeping into consideration the interactions with environment, local context and aspects related to health and safety. This, in order to supervise and minimize the impacts themselves, ensure the following points in the use of the production means and in the management of the special equipment:
    a) the maintenance over time, of the good working conditions and safety levels of the equipment, as well as the constant updating to regulatory and/or technological developments;
    b) the correct use of equipment and machinery systems through regular information actions, training and the control of the workers by the person in charge of each department even resorting to disciplinary measures against those who fail to fullfill the directives, if necessary.
  11. ensure that the employees exposed to specific risks undergo all the prior and periodic health controls as required by law and under the responsibility of the doctor in charge.
  12. ensure the distribution and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), when required;
  13. ensure the preservation of business assets from fire risks by carrying out proper preventive actions both on technical and human factors, through the organization and training of emergency teams and the preparation of emergency procedures required by law (first aid, fire prevention, evacuation of personnel, etc);
  14. optimize the use of natural resources through a rational and efficient use of energy, raw materials and the application of the best technologies available at economically acceptable costs.
  15. ensure the systematic evaluation of the performances of quality, environment, occupational health and safety through the implementation of a monitoring system. Improvement actions will be carried out on the basis of the data resulting from these analysis.
  16. continually improve the performances of the quality, environment, occupational health and safety.

In order to achieve these objectives, all personnel of calzavara, each for their own part, are called to participate in the activities of comprehension, application and improvement, carrying out the requirements contained in the Integrated Manual, in the procedures and the instructions.

All the necessary resources to support this commitment are made available.

All personnel, each for their own part, are jointly responsible for the correct implementation of the Integrated Management System, keeping alive the motivation and sense of responsibility for their work.

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